About Us

Cahill office exterior

Our History

In 1957, James D. Cahill came to Moorhead and joined James E. Garrity in the practice of law to establish the firm of Garrity & Cahill. By 1976, when Steve Cahill joined the firm, it had become known as Cahill, Gunhus, Streed, Grinnell, Jeffries & Klinger. In 1981, Jim Cahill and Steve Cahill established Cahill Law Office, P.A. at its current location in the F-M Center (formerly F-M hotel building) at 403 Center Avenue, Moorhead, MN. Steve Marquart joined the firm in the summer of 1981, Bart Cahill joined the firm in 1986, and Scott Strand joined in 2005.

Cahill Law Office is still located in the F-M Center in Moorhead. In recent years, Steve Marquart and Steve Cahill have both become District Court judges. Bart Cahill and Scott Strand continue the 50 year tradition of providing premiere legal services throughout North Dakota and Minnesota.

Our Philosophy

Cahill Law Office is a civil litigation firm. The firm, founded in 1981, began as an endeavor on the part of James D. Cahill (1924–1994) to create a law firm which would specialize in civil litigation and employ a group of attorneys with a commitment to excellence and dedication to providing quality civil litigation legal services.

Today, as in 1981, our philosophy is that no longer can a lawyer be all things to all people and do it well. Thus we have, from the beginning, practiced primarily in the area of civil litigation. Our experience in the preparation and trial of a wide variety of matters justify our reputation as a premier litigation firm in Minnesota and North Dakota.

Our Service Areas

Cahill Law Office provides legal services throughout Minnesota and North Dakota. Our office is located in Fargo-Moorhead and regularly provides services in:

North Dakota
  • Fargo
  • Jamestown
  • Valley City
  • Wahpeton
  • Grand Forks
  • Devils Lake
  • Minot
  • Bismarck
  • Williston
  • Dickinson
  • Moorhead
  • Detroit Lakes
  • Fergus Falls
  • Park Rapids
  • Alexandria
  • St. Cloud
  • Crookston
  • Breckenridge
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul